General Biotech Information

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General Biotech Information

Below is a list of files and links relating to the general field of biotechnology:


Resource with introduction and mechanisms by the University of Leeds

Argosy Medical Animation

Great online provider for medical animation and illustration sections


BBSRC explores the science and issues of modern biological research

Bio 2005-2006 Guide to Biotechnology

Great intro report to the broad field of biotech

BioENGR Educational Materials Bank

Facilitates the application of engineering principles to biological applications

Bioinformatics Links Directory

Excellent collection of links

Biological Informatics

OECD report on biological informatics

Biology in Motion

Education about biology featuring activities, exhibits and tutorials

Biology Mad

Biology related topics

On-line biotech journal - The Online Journal of Scientific Posters

Online science posters

Frontiers in Bioscience

Online jornal and virtual library

Genetic Science Learning Center

Program focuses on genetic science subjects


Free online source of Java-based courseware for exploration in science and mathematics

Live Science

Science related topics

Mass Spectronomy and Biotechnology Resources

Education about mass spectrometry featuring tutorials

Metabolic Pathway Analysis

A short history

Molecular Toolbox

Links only site with databases, tools and free software

Netherlands Genomics Initiative

Efficient infrastructure for genomics research


Resource for examining gene expression in cancer

PCR Links

Broad site with info on basics, how to design primers, and how to optimize the technique

ProNIT: Database for Protein-Nucleic Acid Interactions

Useful thermodynamic information for protein-DNA interactions

Protein Lounge

Complete systems biology with hundreds of signaling pathways

Quantitative PCR Primer Database

Aids in identification of useful primers for quantification by PCR

Scientist Solutions

High quality "ask a scientist" site


Site with a wide range of science topics

Stem Cells Explained and Explored

An on-line tutorial by the University of Michigan


Forum on science and technology for sustainability

The Arrowsmith Project Homepage

Provides information relevant to scientific references

The European Initiative for Biotechnology Education

Promote skills, enhance understanding and facilitate public debate

The Virtual Cell Web Page

Site with computer graphics and scientific visualization by Brown University

Tree of Life Web Project

Biologists explains the diversity, evolutionary history and characteristics of organisms on earth

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